About Me


Hello and Welcome!

Dear Friend, 

I am a combination of self-taught and product of an art school. The sketches started out as something fun to do. It begin with cat drawings and things that I find interesting. Then my love for the bible started to seep into my artwork. I like to draw bible verses on rocks, in the bible, sketch journals, paintings, and surface design such as fabric and wallpaper.  My love of painting began when I was a toddler. I had finger painted all over my parent's pristine white walls with my chocolate cover fingers. It was such an abstract masterpiece my parents still talk about it today. LOL

Why do I draw bible scriptures? There are so much truth and wisdom in the bible. I like to illustrate and share with everyone what I have learned. God gives hope and meaning to life. He is the source of my inspiration and my world view. Just think how much better the world would be if people know about God's unfailing love and how we were created by him in his image.

"The grass withers and flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands forever." -Isaiah 40:8

What's my fascination with cats? I do draw a lot of cats even though I am allergic to them. However, I take pleasure and enjoy them from afar. I think they are one of God's most entertaining little creation; odd and rather quirky. I like to capture some of that essence by illustrating whimsical cats to spread some laughter. Who knows... eventually I might start illustrating bible cats to spread some love. 😁

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day!