Commissioned Work

Commissioned works are hard to do. You can’t really do what you want. You have to listen to your client’s need. My client’s need was I can draw whatever I want but I need to include his son’s favorite stuffed animal in my illustration. However, the stuffed animal it’s not quite in style with what I am doing right now. It’s not a real cat and it’s not even a cat stuffed animal. However, it’s a big cat (tiger) but I still need to feel a connection to my subject matter in order to conjure a narrative painting. I’ve decided to do it in a pet portrait fashion. The client’s son treats the stuff animal probably as close to any kid who have a pet. So here’s a “Pet Portrait” for a boy and his favorite stuffed animal.


Erasing Old Work


4-19-14I enjoy discovering something I started a long time ago but it’s also hard to feel motivated to finish it if you don’t feel a “connection” to your artwork. That happened to one of my old drawings. I erased and started over. Now I can’t wait to finish it!

Old Sketches

Sometimes when you look through sketch pads, drawing pads, or even watercolor blocks you find old drawings that you’ve forgotten. I was quite pleased to find couple dog sketches in a watercolor block that I drew probably few years ago. I was pretty excited to color them. As you can see I got one done!4-14-14

Revisiting Old Works

My website is still work in process. It’s rather challenging to come up with what artwork to put in it. My artwork had been very diversify in medium and subject matter. Obviously I should put up my recent work (watercolor) but I started out in oil. I still like to revisit that medium. However, I haven’t figure out my subject matter yet or what I like to express. I don’t have many of my original oil painting left and the only one left are “work in progress” that really translate abandon work from over 10 years ago. *blush* I did mostly portraits and figure paintings and I wonder if I am able to draw human figure any more. Hopefully it’s like riding a bike that once you learn it you can pick it up again. 🙂