I consider myself a new artist – a painter of cats. I do, however, have plenty of painting experience. When still in diapers (not recently mind you, but a long time ago), I painted my first masterpiece by spreading my chocolate covered fingers across my parent’s pristine white bedroom walls and any white surface I could find. It was such a liberating experience that my parents still talk about it today.

My early childhood interests prompted me to go overboard with multiple creative degrees (Graphic Design, Art Education, and Interior Design). Presently I do interior design but on my spare time I prefer to paint cats instead of houses.

I also like to paint fun, lighthearted subjects and spread joy through my art. Cats are my main muse right now. They make me laugh and they make others laugh. They are quirky and entertaining. The best viral YouTube sensation of all time probably involves a cat. I think people can’t get enough of them. I try to capture some of that silliness by illustrating a series of cats’ secretly plotting world domination or just anthropomorphize them from our pop culture.

I hope you enjoy my cat paintings as much as I do creating them. You can always view what new artwork I am brewing up by visiting my Facebook page.  http://www.Facebook.com/LikesToPaint